Dynamic Warm-Up

  • All static stretching should be done first if needed! Follow with slow movements, then faster movements and end with agility/sports specific exercises.
  • Elevate your heart rate for 5-10 min before warm-up: Jog (backwards, forwards), bike, speed walk, side shuffle.
  • Avoid sprinting until after fast movements.
  • Do slow and fast pace movements for about 12-15 feet: Basketball—End line to the top of the 3 point line; Women’s Lacrosse—End line to goal circle; Soccer Field: End line to top of goal area.
  • To maximize warm-up time, try adding exercises together.
  • Warm-up should total about 15-20 minutes for heart rate elevation, slow and fast movements.
  • Choose exercises that are similar in movement to the activity you will be doing.
  • All lunge activities can be done forward or backward.
Slow Movement Fast Movement Sports Specific / Agility
Band walk Skips: A, B, straight leg,
skips with arm circles
Agility ladder
Straight leg march Jogging butt kicks / high knees Running technique drills
Lunges Sideway shuffle Reaction drills
Leg swings Sideway crossover T-drill, W-drill
Figure 4 sits Carioca 2 foot zigzag hops
Frankenstein sit Skater jumps Hurdle jumps
Marching with running technique Leg swings Bounding

Lateral Band Walking:

Place a band slightly above your knees.
Easy band to start, when you get stronger, start using a harder band.
Arm movement should be like that of running: Arm moves forward when opposite leg moves forward.

The entire Dynamic Warm-up with many more stretches and photos can be viewed as a 2.2 MB PDF: DYNAMIC WARMUP.